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O ator de Harry Potter é o protagonista de How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, que já está em cartaz na Broadway. Por causa disso, foram divulgados vídeos com Daniel Radcliffe em cena. Ele canta, dança e mostra um lado humorístico bem desenvolvido. Assista abaixo um novo lado dessa ator hollywoodiano.

Esse é seu primeiro musical, mas não é sua estreia na Broadway. Radcliffe esteve no elenco do espetáculo Equus que estreou nos palcos de Nova York em 2007. A trama mostrava um garoto problemático que trabalhava em um estábulo. Por causa de seu comportamento, chegou a cegar quatro cavalos com metal afiado apenas por prazer. A produção gerou polêmica, pois o ator britânico aparecia nu no palco e tinha um orgasmo enquanto andava a cavalo.

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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying conta a história de um jovem que tem um avanço meteórico na vida financeira e se torna vice-presidente de uma grande companhia. O musical teve seu último revival em 1995 e tinha como protagonista Matthew Broderick. Com sua atuação, o eterno Ferris faturou até um Tony Awards.

O espetáculo tem a direção e coreografia de Rob Ashford e está com temporada no Al Hirschfeld Theatre em Nova York.

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Hmmm, it was not a very good interview in my opoiinn. I liked the question about dancing, but he just seems to be way too nervous to be able to interview her properly. Instead of simply asking her whether she still dances (and trusting her to give a satisfactory answer), he just starts to ramble.

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When they got on to the subject of the Klingon lagaugne, I remembered a Big Bang Theory episode where Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard played a game of Klingon Boggle! The object of the game was to find Klingon words from the letters, but you also had to find out which were genuine Klingon and not Yiddish!I also like to think Sheldon could be very much like the man who loves his numbers' in Pi!

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(or meant) that she doesn't care whether fans like her work she said she hopes they do it's more about not aiinmg the work at the public. She does what she does because she's driven to do it, not because she's trying to please, or make money, or have a hit, or become famous. No self-respecting artist in any medium cares about any of those things, but only about the work itself and fulfilling whatever her or his vision is. This is one of those things that makes her an anti-star, if you know what I mean. If she worked in another medium no one would wonder why she's not in the public eye, nor would they think she owed anyone anything. The second an artist thinks: I need to do what the public will like and buy, art has left the equation and all that remains is commerce. I love that she's never cared at all what any of us think it's what has made the work so fresh and interesting. No pop star who cared about that would have ever dared to make The Dreaming !


I agree. In all fairness, he's prabboly used to inteviewing people who like to talk about themselves and have a ready stream of anecdotes. Sweet-natured as she is, Kate just isn't that kind of person. In the longer interview, when he tries to draw personal connections between Kate's life and the lyrics for This Woman's Work you can hear her get a bit impatient as she reminds him that the song was written for a movie. Her response made me think of my English professor's lecture on intentional fallacy.I listened to the interview on Irish radio as well. It's interesting that all of these interviewers are so nervous, when Kate is so gentle and unassuming. I wonder if tabloid interviews have hindered journalists' ability to talk about art.

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